Giovanni Photgrapher

Giovanni is not my real name. I am a highly respected photographer in Milan’s thriving fashion industry and my work is published and recognised all over the world.
I live in a huge loft in the centre of Milan, near the cathedral. While I don’t go out socially very often, my passion for photography does lead me out and about almost every night…
In 1995 I started my “Bites” project. For quite some time I’ve had a deep longing to create something lasting, something that will endure beyond the transience of fashion photography. In this field photographers actually have very little opportunity to be truly ‘creative’. Everything has to follow certain pre-set procedures; any mistake can mean a huge run-up of costs. The only thing that counts is the final product. In “Bites” the opposite is true – what counts is the mood or atmosphere of the session and the result is an expression of that feeling.
On evenings and free weekends I regularly ask these young male models and those I’ve scouted if I can take nude photographs of them. Surprisingly, more often than not, they enthusiastically accept.
Once in my studio or wherever we are shooting I describe the way I work and define rather specifically the artistic style that I am working toward. I always guarantee that their face will not appear in the final print. For all my models, famous or otherwise, anonymity became the key to our collaboration.
I set up lights, ask them to take off their clothes, tell them they can take a shower, relax, have a drink, a smoke, whatever… They get ready, sometimes do push-ups, sit-ups. Quite often they seem a bit anxious. I closely observe them, compliment them on their “assets”. I do their make up, style their hair, oil their bodies. Sometimes I trim a bit of their hair and sometimes I shave it all off.



With co ffee-table book number six, Giovanni proves once more that no other photo artist can hold a candle to him the way he shows the human penis as an artwork in its own right is amazing and unique. His pictures create a whole new universe, landscapes of the male body in which you can easily lose yourself. "Absolute Penis" is an extensive collection of all new and unreleased material by an inimitable artist.

BITES XXL 2013 Calendar by Giovanni

Big Bits! More than ten years ago Giovanni initiated his “project penis”: Pictures of the most intimate part of a man’s body, staged with remarkable skills and a bright understanding of photo art. 

Until today he released several coffee table books and his artworks long since became classics among the gay community. The pictures of Bites XXL are nasty and sexy, soft and dreamy, impressive and confronting.

SUPER SIZED by Giovanni

Photographer Giovanni dedicated a huge part of his work to the most delicate part of the male body: the penis. SUPERSIZED is already his fourth photo book that’s all about it—and the title says it all. Enormous cocks, brilliantly photographed by an artist who really knows how to use his skills. Giovanni’s books so far have all became bestsellers, most significantly the compilation Bites XXL.

BITES XXL by Giovanni

Bestselling Bites, Private Parts and Un*/Cut now in one sexy collection plus a whole load of exclusive never seen before artwork.

Giovanni, renowned photographer in Milan’s fashion industry, felt the deep need to produce something lasting along side of his extremely short-lived and fleeting fashion photography. Since his first publication of Bites in 2005 his artworks – hyms to the male sex organ – have sold many thousands times.

"UN*/CUT" by Giovanni

With "UN*/CUT" Giovanni opens another chapter of desire for male meat! This sexual organ has never been more directly or excitingly set into scene than in this fascinating declaration of love. "UN*/CUT" is the follow-up to the incredibly successful "Bites" by the same photographer.


Aficionados of the smallest but surely one of the most important male appendages will find this photobook a "must" for their collections. The 'subtle differences' between men are the (big) focal point here. This selection of shots, taken with absolutely no shame either on the part of the models or the photographer, shows what in the gay world holds a level of importance inversely related to its size compared to the rest of the body - the penis! A direct and very clear look at the male crotch is what fascinates Giovanni.
Giovanni, pseudonym for a well-known photographer, works in the fashion industry and has been photographing male nudes for several years now with great success. Most of us would recognise his works without realising it stems from his lens. After the bombastic achievement of his first work, "Bites", he continues his triumphal procession with "Private Parts".

BITES by Giovanni

In a book some consider long overdue, man's "best part" finds photographic appreciation. A monument in 112 pages of pure carnal desire with close-up photos of HIM in color, black and white, unadorned, untamed and direct. Simply put, an homage to the penis in open, multi-faceted photography.


After the Game

By Brock Archer

On the field, he moved like a gazelle—swift, confident, strong. Fans and teammates loved and respected him. Opponents respected and feared him. Cameras adored him. Advertising executives coveted him, especially for underwear clients.
In the locker room, men envied him. Some wished they had his endowments instead of their own. Others wished they had his endowments next to their own... or deep inside them.
In the shower, they envied the water as it flowed down his lean, muscular body, caressed every centimeter, cascaded over his pronounced pecs, and rippled over his six-pack abs. Like almost everyone else, the water worshiped him. Some of his teammates took daring glances while others gawked openly as his powerful hands massaged soap over his dark pubic bush, his commanding cock, and his massive balls.
In the bedroom... well, aside from a very lucky few, they had to content themselves with their fantasies. But oh, what fantasies!

Morning Glory

By Brock Archer

The nascent morning sun creeping through the bedroom window cast a reddish orange glow over Julian's naked body as he lay sleeping. Taut, toned muscles accentuated his lean, athletic body. Dark, Mediterranean curls draped long over the back of his head like curtains at a Roman theatre. His rigid penis suggested that some erotic dream had captured his imagination. Like the rest of his body, it was a perfect penis: long, thick, straight, and uncut, just the way that nature had intended it. His balls, full and juicy, hung low, as a man's should.

Fernando sat in the floral over-stuffed chair in the corner watching, admiring, worshiping his lover's perfect figure. His eyes traced the curves of his torso, his slender waist, and his long, sexy legs. But mostly he feasted on Julian's incomparable manhood. He only meant to admire, to adore, not to get himself aroused, but how could he help it. He rubbed his own morning wood through his cotton and spandex underwear, the kind that showcases a man's assets well, and Fernando had much to showcase.

Fernando could go back to bed and lie next to his lover's perfect body, feel his manhood against his hungry skin. Or he could just sit in the over-stuffed chair and admire him from across the room? Or he could gently rub his penis against Julian's and bring in the dawn with a bang.


Menu XL

Sometime it feels as if I’ve spent almost every waking hour during the last ten years photographing international male models. When I’m not, though, I also enjoy scouting the men on the streets of Milan, Ibiza, Saint-Tropez, Miami or wherever my work or summer holidays take me. I tend to look for sexy guys, whether they be firemen, lifeguards, athletes, swimmers, judokas, rugby or volley players or the boy next door.